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Code : JWRA Shape :  Rectangle, L x W x H : 205 X 158 X 40 Code : JWRA Shape : Rectangle, L x W x H : 115 X 95 X 27 Enquire Your Name (required) Company Name Your Email (required) Your phone (required) Product Name Product Code
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Tins have found good favour with this industry as they help retaining the freshness and strength of the flavours for the desired duration. Sizes and shapes are available as per customer choice. Code : FLVSQ Shape : Square, L x W x H : 065 x 065 x 055, Thickness : 0.19 Enquire Your Name…
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Add spice to your Condiments! We manufacture attractive spice containers which are air-tight, made up of food-grade material, at competitive prices. These spice containers aid in keeping spices fresh for a long shelf-life. These tins are also available with 3-lid opening for ease of use. Code : SPCRA Shape : Rectangle, L x W x…
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These are custom, round storage containers, available in three sizes and are made exclusively as per customer requirements. Brands like Nippon are among our valued customers. Code : PNTRD Shape : Round, L x W x H : 108DIA135, Thickness : 0.20 Code : PNTRD Shape : Round, L x W x H : 175DIA200,…
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Ghee / Food supplements

These are custom, round storage containers made exclusively as per customer requirements. These welded containers are air-tight and coated with food grade lacquer. Available with high grade plastic or metal handles. Brands like Hatsun and Unicare (Welcome brand) are among our esteemed customers. Code : GHERD Shape : Round, L x W x H :…
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CD Tins

We have obtained a patent for our CD Tin design and have supplied our Tins for many Movie banners in south Indian Film world. These tins are ideal for Heritage CD’s, Music and Movie collections and are difficult to counterfeit. Currently available in the round option and can pack single or twin CD’s Code :…


We have developed Liquor Canisters for the Liquor Industry as a Premium Packaging. Currently, the world’s second largest Whiskey Brewers pack their premium Whiskies in our Tin Canisters. We do also have a miniature Container for its miniature Signature version.